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Thank you to our 2024 Finalists!

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Home Health Systems

Innovators: Kim Rowe, Dmytro Stadnikov, Adel Hamidi

Student: Josh Tony, Samridhi Sharma

By providing real-time monitoring of seniors who live alone and are self-isolating, and those in care homes that are most at risk, beds and lives may be saved.  With real-time 24/7 remote vital signs monitoring with alarms, the risk to these patients can be minimized in the very near term, at a low cost, saving lives and creating peace of mind for patients and their care providers. SafetyPatch delivers these benefits.

In a hospital setting, getting patients back home to convalesce, there are significant benefits:

1. Additional infections are unlikely
2. Scarce resources are better utilized
3. Patients are at lower risk
4. Patients are happier

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Innovators: Dalia Barayan, Marc Jeschke, Yufei Chen, Ayesha Aijaz, Anna Matveev

Student: Jasmine Dhaliwal, Avi Khanduja

D3RMIS is an ideal pre-market stage start-up with a revolutionary, patent-pending wound dressing product (Product X) that addresses the unmet need for new and innovative solutions for the treatment of patients with trauma, burn and chronic wounds. Our dressing is uniquely formulated from safe and biocompatible biomaterials for rapid and optimal wound regeneration with features engineered to satisfy wound care needs such as high absorbency, anti-adherent, painless, and conducive to epidermal cell infiltration and proliferation.


This exclusive formulation presents numerous benefits compared to traditional wound dressings, including ease of application and the promotion of scarless healing of donor site wounds with potential for reharvest. In addition, our dressing is also cost-effective and can be easily stored with a long shelf life, making it a practical solution for healthcare facilities to enhance the standard of wound care, while simultaneously reducing treatment cost and relieving

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Fibra Inc

Innovator: Parnian Majd

Student: Novera Shenin, Vian Tran

Fibra ("Feebra") is the future of women’s health! It is a data-driven women's health platform, (patent-pending smart underwear+ an app) to give women personalized/accurate reproductive health data (starting with fertility) in the most automated, non-invasive and hassle-free manner. 

This is just the beginning for! With the amount of data we are getting from women's bodies we will go from fertility (today) to pregnancy to contraceptives to menopause, to even alerting them if they have been exposed to any reproductive system diseases.

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Flutter Care Inc

Innovators: Dolma Tsundu, Lucy Zhao, Teresa Yan

Student: Samantha Reeve

Globally, a baby is born 'still' every 16 seconds. In high-income countries such as Canada and the U.S, up to 30% of stillbirths can be prevented. Flutter Care is promoting safe and informed perinatal experiences by developing a non-invasive wearable device to detect early signs of fetal distress. This technology will allow families to continuously monitor their baby's health from home and reduce the amount of time to receive medical attention. Flutter Care's 'kick counting' mobile application has been used by thousands of families across over 140 countries.

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Innovators: Fettah Erdogan, Serap Beldar

Student: Jimmy Ma, Omar Baroudi

At Gene2Lead, they incorporate AI-based computational pipelines to existing medicinal chemistry-based drug discovery programs. They are developing an AI-integrated platform technology that unmasks difficult drug targets and generates therapeutics against them, revealing high-value and previously inaccessible biomolecule targets that can potentially be applied to a range of diseases.

Their platform offers drug discovery programs with comprehensive structural insights for identifying druggable binding sites protein protein-analyzing ligand binding modes and computationally generating rational drug design ideas in a robust scale-up and expedited fashion. They receive client projects at the level of a target gene of interest and work it through a semi-automated customized high throughput project pipeline to identify novelty lead drug molecules for experimental testing.

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Hada Medtech

Innovator: Zaya MacDonald

Student: Ananya Rajkumar, Dhruv Radadiya

Intubation is the third most common medical procedure performed globally. Every year, over 20 million intubations are performed in North America. The process of inserting the tube into a patient’s trachea requires a high degree of skill and precision for quick insertion in a highly stressful environment, as the patients can’t breathe when it is being performed. If done improperly, complications can include hypoxia, brain damage, cardiac arrest and even death. Indeed, 45% of patients undergoing intubation experience at least one major peri-intubation adverse event. Over 73% of physicians in Canada experience burnout. Hada has a unique solution.

Their proprietary technology helps extend the safety window to allow doctors to have more time to intubate, improving intubation safety and efficiency, preventing potential injuries, aiming to reduce job stress

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Innovator: Shania Bhopa

Student: Sakina Hussain

TechMedic is a company that has created an app that provides vetted animated educational modules for patients, replacing doctors as the primary educators. Physicians can select the personalized  modules on a tablet, for patients, to inform them of their diagnosis, testing, prescriptions, and discharge instructions all in their preferred language. TechMedic is striving to reduce physician burnout, streamline efficiency in hospital emergency rooms and provide patients and their parents with up-to-date, personalized information about their visit.

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NerView Surgical Inc.

Innovator: Mann Parikh

Student: Dickyi Bhagentsang

NerView Surgical Inc. is a startup that aims to transform the standard of care for nerve visualization during surgery. Our non-contact solution empowers surgeons to identify nerves to reduce post-operative complications in patients that occur due to nerve injuries.

Our device, the NerveSense is a portable handheld imaging system designed for real-time imaging of tissues, specifically for identifying nerves during open surgeries. The device assists surgeons in differentiating nerves from surrounding tissue through color overlay visualization to avoid unintentional damage

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Neuro Spinal Innovation

Innovators: Chelsea Mackinnon, Dr. Aslam Khan

Student: Amenah El Werfalli, Kevin Hu, Luca Malatesta

Neuro Spinal Innovation (NSI) is a medical device manufacturing company that develops and services med-tech devices that treat chronic pain. NSI is a Canadian registered corporation operating out of Mississauga, Ontario. Currently, NSI is developing the SONIK Monark 100 (SM-100) medical device that uses focused vibroacoustic therapy, a non-invasive and evidence-based clinical methodology, to treat back pain. The SM-100 has received Health Canada approval and is in the prototype testing phase. NSI is built upon the 20-years of key learnings from the “parent company”, KKT International which commercialized the predicate device, the KKT M2, in markets around the world. NSI owns exclusive rights to all IP and trade secrets for both KKT and NSI, and plans to commercialize the technology in the North American market/healthcare system.

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NovaSonix Healthcare Inc. 

Innovators: Randa Mudathir, Carla du Toit, Megan Hutter

Student: Ishika Vaid, Parneet Deo

NovaSonix Healthcare Inc. strives to develop cutting-edge ultrasound technology to improve clinical practice for the prevention, detection, and monitoring of musculoskeletal disease. Our system, NovaVue, is compatible with any commercially available ultrasound machine, and collects 3D and dynamic ultrasound images of any joint, providing clinicians with a comprehensive, inexpensive, and non-invasive tool that fits seamlessly into current workflows to diagnose and monitor musculoskeletal pathologies such as osteoarthritis.

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ORCHID Analytics

Innovators: Azadeh Mostaghel

Student: Vritti Vashi, Giuliano Caltagirone

ORCHID Analytics is a health-tech company providing AI-driven predictive analytics to solve healthcare’s biggest management challenges.
Our algorithms are the innovative engine of our platforms, whether using them separately or in combination, they are designed and tested in different settings and take into account all the users’ workflows.

As a member of CAN Health Network, ORCHID is currently working with a downtown Toronto hospital, to pilot a solution addressing surgical backlog and staffing challenges.
ORCHID Analytics’ surgical scheduling optimization platform addresses scheduling challenges within surgery, focusing on the entire surgical patient journey in the hospital, from preop to postop to inpatient unit, allowing the healthcare organizations to test different strategies to be able to make more informed decisions. For example, it can show how opening up operating rooms over the weekend reduces the waitlist and also the resources (ie. beds, nursing) that will be required.

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ParaSight Imaging Systems

Innovators: Robin Cunningham, Justin Yang, Samuel Farnum

Student: Owen Gromek, Samantha Dacalos

ParaSight will provide both a low-cost pathology microscope and rapid diagnoses to users of the device through a cloud-based diagnosis-as-a-service system. The microscope, currently in the pre-production prototype phase, uses proprietary embedded image processing technology to enhance resolution, enabling an inexpensive optical system to capture images at the necessary 1-μm resolution to see malaria parasites, a feat previously impossible. The microscope will be available at a fixed price and users will have the option of paying a small fee per study to send images to the cloud for diagnosis. Initially, this will be accomplished by forwarding the study to pathologists in larger cities in Africa, providing them an additional revenue source. A machine learning-based tool that is in early stages of development will be trained using this data; it will enable markedly faster, often automatic diagnosis and further reduce costs for the end user.

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Sensalog Inc.

Innovators: Parisa Daemi, Arman Hassanpour, Yue Zhou, Brandon Edmonds

Student: Tobechukwu Okonwanji, Siddaarth Varatharajan

Sensalog pioneers an innovative wearable system designed to revolutionize Parkinson's disease management, research, and clinical assessments by collecting comprehensive patient data in both home and clinical settings. Leveraging a modular platform, we capture vital signs, motion, speech, activity levels, and patient-reported data, providing a nuanced understanding of the disease's presentation and progression. By facilitating tailored treatment decisions and enriching the scope of research, Sensalog enhances the quality of patient care and fosters a deeper understanding of Parkinson's disease.

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Venamic Medical

Innovator: Ankit Garg

Student: Caroline Rodrigues, Ramiz Khan

There are over 1 million hospitalizations for heart failure per year in North America, most of which are driven by fluid overload. The gold standard therapy for patients admitted with congestive heart failure is IV diuretics. However, the process of treating patients with IV diuretics is challenging, with 1 in 4 patients having their diuretics stopped prematurely and 1 in 3 patients being discharged with residual congestion – factors that lead to increased lengths of hospital stays, and higher readmission rates. Much of this challenge is due to the lack of adequate hemodynamic monitoring of congestion in patients admitted to hospital with heart failure, particularly on general medical or cardiology wards where invasive hemodynamic monitoring is not permitted. 

Venamic is an early-stage medical device company developing a novel non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring system for patients admitted to hospital with acute heart failure, particularly in non-critical care settings.

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Helixir Medical

Innovators: Moses Cook, Jaykumar Patel, Daniel Djayakarsana

Student: Kimberly Corneil, Ashravi Vora

Helixir Medical is developing MR software using patented techniques to track and visualize device and tissue in 3D and real-time to improve health outcomes and reduce procedure times. Our technology is vendor agnostic, such that it will work with any combination of MRI and MR-compatible device. The beachhead market we are targeting is ventricular tachycardia as that is our group's expertise and the market is not as saturated compared to other markets. After they prove the efficacy of our software, they will branch out to other indications, like atrial fibrillation, intracardiac tissue drug delivery, and cancer biopsy/target treatments.

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