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2021 Finalists

Meet the 2021 innovator teams, and check out their Quick Pitch Prize video submission.  A winner will be announced at the Showcase!

Smartami ACS App logo
Innovators: Hassan Mir, Talha Syed











SMARTAMI ACS Application was founded by Dr. Hassan Mir and Dr. Talha Syed, who are two cardiologists involved in the care of patients with heart disease. These applications were developed in response to our experience witnessing the inefficient means of communication between hospitals during emergency care via fax, which often resulted in delays in care or inappropriate (over or under) utilization of care.

Our company developed a fast, easy-to-use, and secure tool that physicians are able to use to communicate. In our pilot study, we demonstrated excellent physician satisfaction and use.

Given this early success, our plan is to implement this tool at additional hospitals while continually evaluating its impact. At the same time, we are continuing to innovate by developing communication tools for other clinical emergencies.


Mikael Berehun, Bomin Kim, Fowad Ijaz 

TeleMDview logo
Innovators: Sherif Abdou, Gordon Ngo, Eveline Pasman, 

Kirill Fedorov











Adoption of virtual healthcare is rapidly accelerating. Unfortunately, clinicians are impeded in their ability to properly conduct assessments and administer therapies due to the limited view a webcam provides. At teleMDview, our team of engineers, medical doctors, and clinical scientists is developing solutions that enable clinicians providing virtual care a comprehensive view of their patients.


Our products are compatible with existing video-conferencing systems, user-friendly, and allow simultaneous observation of the patient’s face, arm and leg movements. This enables clinicians to interact with patients and their environment in a way that emulates in-person visits. teleMDview’s innovative solutions promise to add a new dimension to virtual care, resulting in increased accessibility and utility, especially in remote areas.


Victoria Schofield-Zioba, Jason Lui

PathLogix logo
Innovators: Saumik Biswas, Sheyla Abdic, Michael Lavdas











At PathLogix, our mission is to develop novel technologies that target inefficiencies in the pathology workflow, to optimize cancer care and reduce healthcare costs. Our dedicated team of engineers, medical doctors, and clinical scientists is currently working on PathLogix’s flagship device, which autonomously searches for lymph nodes in resected cancer tissues and marks their locations for efficient extraction. This benchtop device replaces the existing tedious and unreliable manual lymph node finding process and greatly improves the speed and reliability of the cancer staging process. This enables clinicians to make better-informed treatment decisions, resulting in fewer patient complications and fatalities and ensures hospitals continuously meet their quality metrics.


Shilpa Bhardwaj, Yasamin Allahverdi

Pharmasonica Technologies logo
Innovators: Jonathan Que, Andrew Singh, Jonathan Dorogin










Pharmasonica is an early-stage biomedical start-up developing an ultrasound triggered drug delivery platform. Our primary goal is to increase the efficacy and decrease the side-effects of chemotherapeutics by creating a ‘smart’ drug delivery vehicle. Our proprietary microcapsules are ultrasound-responsive and designed to be injected directly into a tumor to facilitate tunable and sustained drug release. Our mission is to revolutionize drug delivery and we intend on expanding our applications beyond chemotherapy in the future.


Elizabeth Lee, Keya Sultanaamin

Kayan health logo
Innovator: Ahmad Al-Hidiq











Kayan Health is a Digital Healthcare solutions provider that delivers a suite of products which empower healthcare organizations, Governments and NGOs with innovative communications technologies and Artificially Intelligent solutions. Thus providing their patients and clients with easy access to healthcare services and remote monitoring.


Siddharth Manda, Angelica Giansante, Hiba Minhaj, Yang Hu

Fero International inc logo
Innovators: Sabrina Fiorellino, Alex Scopacasa
Fero International Inc. builds proprietary revolutionary modular infrastructure, to assist in saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. For example, FERO builds mobile medical units that are pressurized intensive care units, operating rooms, isolation rooms or regular patient rooms that are built to assist with hospital surge capacity and bed shortages, among other things. The units can be scaled up and down on a bed by bed basis to create a fully self-contained field hospital or can connect to an existing hospital to increase capacity.
FERO also creates long term care infrastructure that can help decant homes currently in crisis. All of FERO’s solutions are temperature-controlled and contain individual HEPA filtered HVAC that achieve up to 30 air exchanges per hour. Our units have been tested by the University Health Network, both Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Western Hospital.


Rahul Singh, Vivian Pan, Fatima Sheikh, Ahmed Saeed 

ToeFX logo
Innovator: Monika Yazdanian, Irit Van Ham











ToeFX Inc. manufactures the ClearToe Therapy Light, the only photodisinfection technology approved by Health Canada for the treatment of onychomycosis (toenail fungus), which affects some 6-20% of the population. ToeFX is an ISO-13485 certified medical device company founded by scientists passionate about creating technology that really works. The ClearToe Therapy Light can clear up a fungal infection in 6 to 10 treatments and is used at clinics across Canada.


Noorisah Khan, Jenny B. Ge, Shama Pirbay


Synmedix Antibacterial Therapies logo
Innovators: Geordie Stewart, Eric Brown











Synmedix is developing new antibiotic therapies for treating critical infections. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to human health, and has undermined a linchpin of modern healthcare we depend on. Our mission is to deliver new therapies that avoid the pitfalls of the past – avoiding resistance, addressing clinical gaps, and delivering solid economics in an equitable manner. Our lead product is a first-in-class therapy developed to treat infections in patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.


Jared Bongard, Muzammil Syed, Kevin Dai

PharmAssess Diagnostics logo
Innovator: Thomas Bogdanowicz











PharmAssess transitions pharmacists toward clinical opportunities, enabling advanced services and driving transformative practice change. They offer a minor ailment diagnostic tool that empowers pharmacists to treat more patients with ease, with greater confidence and efficiency.


Cole Shulman, Andrew Jamnik

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